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Daikin Easyzone solves cooling needs for first floor apartment

Loop Air Conditioning were asked by a private resident to provide cooling in her first floor apartment. Our customer wanted to cool her lounge, bedroom and study but didn’t want to have wall mounted units on the walls and really only wanted to see vents in the ceiling.

Fortunately, there was a loft void above her ceilings so despite a very small access hatch, we jointly decided that the Daikin Easyzone was the ideal solution. 

The Solution

The Daikin Easyzone is a multi-area air conditioning solution. It is fitted with motorised dampers, which immediately adapts using Daikin ducted solutions. This system supports control of up to 8 rooms via a centralised thermostat located in the main room and individual thermostats for each of the zones, making it ideal for residential applications like this apartment.

The job meant that we had to dismantle the ducted indoor unit into its component parts and rebuild the unit in the loft but we rose to the challenge!

The outdoor unit was then discretely mounted on the balcony.

  • Client Name: First Floor Apartment
  • Date: September 2019
  • Client Testimonial: "Hi Jonathan. Many thanks for the documentation. I certainly appreciated the benefits of your Herculean efforts during the hot spell we had the week after the installation - perfect timing! Many thanks."
  • Private Resident