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Loop surprise Luton Food Bank with donation

December 19, 2017

Most of us don't even have to think about where our next meal comes from, but for thousands of people, having regular food is a luxury and they depend on vital resources such as the Luton Food Bank to survive.

This much-valued charity provides those in need with non-perishable food items from collection points across the town.  Volunteers take the food to their warehouse and sort it into boxes - each box provides enough food for one person for up to three days.

People needing food are given a voucher by front-line professional agencies such as Luton Advice Network, Age Concern, children’s centres, mental health charities. Last year the charity handed out 6,000 food parcels which just highlights the issue further (and this is just from the Luton Food Bank!

So, this year Loop decided to help out by spending the equivalent to one year's annual donation of (£370) so our local engineers jumped in the van and went on a shopping spree to fill up the vehicle with much needed supplies which we then drove straight to the charity's stores to deliver.

We all agreed that helping out this way made us all feel very good and made us more aware of how we take food for granted.  But, more importantly, we know that families all over the region will be fed with good food over the coming weeks.

Please support them if you can - we will continue to do so throughout next year.  You can find out more about Luton Foodbank here.