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Stylish air conditioning for really cool (and warm) homes!

March 27, 2018

Our weather is one of the most talked about topics here in the UK - we never quite know what we are going to get each day and, because we are often so unprepared, we’re either too hot or too cold.

It’s usually during the hot spells that we long for air conditioning, because we want to cool down. However, what many people don’t realise is that air conditioning units cool and heat rooms.

Modern, domestic air conditioning

For many home owners, air conditioning is chosen primarily to offer year-round comfort – cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. But domestic air conditioning systems have come a long way in recent years and modern systems not only provide cooling and heating, they also look really good too, adding style and value to properties.

Award winning air conditioning design

An example of one of the most modern air conditioning designs for the home is the new ‘Stylish’ range of domestic air conditioning units from Daikin.

Available in a choice of 3 colours; white, silver and blackwood, the Stylish units have earned the Good Design Award for their innovative look and functionality. This award also recognises Stylish for its ability to achieve new standards of comfort and energy in the HVAC-R industry. 

Stylish has also recently won an IF DESIGN AWARD for innovative design, which is one of the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world.

Daikin has managed to balance function and aesthetic to create an innovative product that suits any interior. The uniquely curved corners and slimline dimensions, make Stylish the most compact unit on the market 

In terms of performance, smart sensors optimise energy use and room temperature distribution, enabling it to heat or cool all areas of the room.  The quiet fan offers high-efficiency, comfort and energy efficiency.

Clean indoor air and humidity control

Stylish also provides the best indoor air quality using Daikin’s Flash Streamer technology. The system removes particles, allergens and odours to deliver healthy indoor air and. In addition, the system controls humidity by adjusitng its fan and compressors, to create the right balance between temperature and humidity in a room.

Smart climate control wherever you go

The smartphone app is another new addition to this modern, domestic air conditioning system.  The Daikin Online Controller app is easy to install - simply connect to Wi-Fi and download for instant control of your air conditioning units.

Stylish air conditioning benefits

  • Choose from three distinct colours (white, silver and blackwood)
  • Curved corners offer unobtrusive and space-saving design
  • Slim dimensions make it the most compact design unit on the market
  • Simple panel enables variation in texture and colour to easily blend into any room
  • Connect to the smartphone app for control anywhere in the home
  • Smart sensors optimise energy-saving and performance
  • Coanda effect optimises room temperature distribution
  • Provides clean, healthy air and low humidity
  • Quiet fan offers high-efficiency with low sound levels
  • Adds style and value to your home!

Download the Stylish brochure to see full details.

The new Stylish range is just one of a range of modern, domestic air conditioning units that Loop Air Conditioning offer.  We have already installed these units for customers and they look amazing. Please get in touch to find out more.

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