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10 really good reasons to get an air conditioning preventative maintenance plan

February 20, 2024

Air conditioning systems are a valuable business asset so whether you are a landlord, a property owner or a facility manager, a preventative maintenance plan is the best way to protect your investment. Below you will see 10 good reasons why regular air conditioning maintenance will benefit you.

1.      You will save money!

It’s not until your air conditioning breaks down that you will fully appreciate the value of having a preventative maintenance plan.  Having no plan at all is risky on many levels; health, safety, and performance are just a few of the things that can end up costing you far more than an annual maintenance plan.  And then there are call-out charges, higher costs of parts, and of course, the cost to your business if there are major issues.

An air conditioning preventative maintenance plan prevents breakdown and keeps your systems running efficiently and reliably.  If you do have a problem, then your cover will guarantee a priority call-out and the availability of parts, as well as the peace of mind that all parts are checked and replaced before they become a major issue.

2.      You will be much safer

Air conditioning contains highly toxic refrigerants which, if checked and maintained, are perfectly safe inside your air conditioning. However, a poorly maintained system runs the risk of developing a fault, which in turn leads to the risk of refrigerant leaking, fumes escaping and a possible fire hazard. A simple and regular maintenance plan will ensure that you and those around you stay safe all year round.

3.      You will reduce your energy bills

Just like your boiler at home or your car, mechanical parts wear out and therefore need to be regularly checked.  With a preventative maintenance plan, the qualified air conditioning engineer will look at all of the components, lubricants, filters, and electrical parts for any signs of deterioration or wear and then replace any parts as required. By optimising the mechanical parts, the system will not only run more efficiently, it will reduce your energy bills too.

4.      You can improve health and well-being

Badly maintained air conditioning systems can be the cause of many health complaints including asthma, skin allergies, and other illnesses related to poor air quality. Absenteeism from regular illness can also cost companies thousands of pounds each year.  A preventative maintenance plan will ensure that ducts and filters are clean and that circulated air is pure, making sure that the internal air around you stays clean and fresh.

5.      You will stay on the right side of the law

Strict new EU legislation surrounding legal refrigerants came into force on 1st January 2015 which meant that many refrigerants became illegal and had to be replaced due to the levels of harmful CO2 gases. If your air conditioning system has not had a refrigerant check and/or replaced, then you could be risking a heavy fine. In addition, government legislation states that any air conditioning system that has an output of more than 12 kW, must undergo a regular 3-yearly inspection or again, you risk a heavy fine.  A preventative maintenance plan will always ensure that your system is completely legal.

6.      You will be a priority for any call-out

Poorly maintained air conditioning systems are a common cause for breakdowns which are very often in winter and summer months. If you don’t have a preventative maintenance plan then you will not be covered for emergency repairs and call-outs can be expensive. On top of this, there will be costs for labour and parts which you will have no choice about paying so that you can get your system up and running again. A preventative maintenance plan will not only ensure that your system is working optimally, but you will also be classed as a priority for any call-out, saving you time, money and inconvenience.

7.      A preventative maintenance plan can extend your warranty cover

Most new equipment today offers good, standard warranty cover, or the option of an extended warranty.  However, what many people don’t realise is that a warranty is only valid if regular maintenance is carried out. It’s also worth noting that many parts are covered under a warranty, so if you do have a breakdown without maintenance cover, you could face a pretty large parts bill and a whole lot of hassle getting it repaired.

8.      Preventative maintenance records are good for insurance cover

Depending on your levels of building responsibility, many insurers look favourably on good maintenance records as they can reduce risk. A preventative maintenance plan will allow you to show your insurers a complete record of equipment, care, servicing and parts and show that you are a responsible building owner or landlord.   The flip side is that if you aren’t able to show any of the above, and there is an insurance claim, your policy or claim might be affected and even invalidate a claim.

9.      You can update your air conditioning quickly and efficiently

With a preventative maintenance plan, your engineer will get to know your system inside out and will be able to tell you when it becomes more cost-effective to upgrade.  New and greener technology is being introduced all the time and modern heating and cooling systems can drastically cut bills and reduce CO2 emissions.  If your current system has been well looked after, then it will be much easier to replace units, often without even changing the pipework, allowing you to benefit from the savings and the good looks of sleek and modern designs.

10.     Value for money and peace of mind

You know how well your car engine runs after a service; caring for your air conditioning is no different.  Preventative maintenance plans are tailored to your exact needs and they are very flexible. You can pay in lots of ways too and plans can be changed to suit your needs.

Above all, air conditioning preventative maintenance gives you peace of mind and no unexpected bills. We know from experience that it really does pay to keep air conditioning in top condition for all of the above reasons.  And, if you ever want to upgrade your system, Loop Air Conditioning can offer you great deals on the very latest technology

Loop Air Conditioning offers flexible air conditioning maintenance plans to businesses across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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