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Money-saving air conditioning for shops, bars and restaurants

June 01, 2018

Attracting customers into the high street is a real challenge for local shop, bar and restaurant owners.  Footfall is falling and costs are rising, and energy costs can take a big bite out of profits.

Most high street outlets have some form of air conditioning and we do know from experience that many systems are pretty tired and out of date, and often not well looked after.  However, replacing systems is a cost that many would agree cannot be justified in these difficult times.  But there is good reasoning for looking into that cost because modern air conditioning systems can cut energy bills significantly and offer short term payback.

Efficiency cuts costs

Today’s modern air conditioning systems are super-efficient and use far less energy than dated systems, even those that are only 10 years old.  Manufacturers have made huge advances in recent years and there is now a whole variety of different types of systems for all sizes of outlets.

All-in-one systems can be even more beneficial and more cost effective than retrofitting systems in stages.  For example, a restaurant that already has an older air conditioning system may want to add fresh air ventilation to the system, which is perfectly reasonable. However, the cost of retrofitting should be weighed up with the cost of replacing the current system altogether with a solution that is cheaper to run, more adaptable and has more benefits in the long term.

An energy efficient all-in-one system can comprise:

·        Modern concealed ceiling, wall or floor mounted air conditioning vents for discrete low energy air flow

·        Fresh air ventilation that uses heat recovery which keeps costs of running down

·        Heat recovery entry door air curtain that keeps heating or cooling inside and temperatures stable, and they are cheaper to run than electric by around 70% 

·        Digital controls that enable you to manage temperatures and systems in-store or remotely, keeping running costs to a minimum.


Keeping customers happy will make them return

Good customer experience must be a priority for any business today – if it’s a good experience they will return, if not they will tell everyone!

A well ventilated and comfortable environment adds to the experience that they enjoy when they visit you and if you can make your customers happy and make huge savings along the way, it makes perfect sense to look at modernising your air conditioning system.


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