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Optimising energy use through the Internet of Things

July 02, 2018

Most large commercial buildings today will have control systems that manage hardware services such as lighting, security, elevators and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).  In most cases the software for each service is supplied with the hardware, therefore to integrate them all into one building management system requires additional software.

The ‘internet of things’ (IoT) however has opened up a world of opportunity, not just for building management systems, but for pretty much any hardware control system.  IoT allows all kinds of hardware to connect and exchange data, helping to improve efficiency and significantly reduce energy and manpower costs.

Heating, cooling and ventilation in the palm of your hand

HVAC manufacturers have been harnessing the power of the internet for some time and the latest technology can allow you to totally manage all of your systems any time and from anywhere.

Whether you’re choosing a HVAC solution for one or multiple commercial sites or modernising your home with modern, energy efficient heating and cooling, here are just some of the fantastic smart control options available today that will put you in total control of your energy use and much more:

·        Store, manage and analyse all energy usage and performance data via cloud-based software

·        Control all cooling, heating and ventilation systems remotely via Tablet, iOS, Android, PC, Laptop

·        Control, manage and analyse data from single units, multi-units or multi-sites

·        Monitor entire system performance to optimise energy use

·        Monitor and control water usage

·        Receive automatic system updates as required

·        Monitor energy use by room, building or unit

·        Monitor energy use by day, month, year

·        Automatic energy adjustment to optimise performance

·        Automatic notification of potential faults or breakdown

·        Send alerts to any specified parties

·        Remotely set or manage different room temperatures

·        View energy use and costs in real-time

·        Identify heavy or out of hours energy use

·        View multiple systems or rooms via digital floor plan

·        Integrate other energy solutions eg solar, wind turbine

·        Integrate with building management systems


Optimise time, money and energy

The primary purpose of smart control technology is to totally optimise the use of energy in order to reduce carbon emissions and reduce costs.  Modern air conditioning systems are designed to minimise energy use, however, if systems aren’t controlled, there is the potential for unnecessary use. 

Smart controls have the ability to provide 24 hour / 365 day monitoring of entire systems which can cut running costs by at least 25% and save significant amounts of manpower as the control system will do all of the work for you.

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