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Stay warm and safe with a winter health check

September 25, 2018

We've all experienced mechanical breakdowns of some sort - whether it's the washing machine, the vending machine or the car! During the winter months all mechanical equipment endures heavy use and that continuous use puts a strain on working parts which means that they become less efficient and more prone to breakdown.

Heating our work places and homes is essential during winter so it's not worth taking any risks.  This is why air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems need checking over before heavy use (particularly after a long hot summer!).

A thorough checkover will ensure that all parts are working correctly and efficiently, and any worn parts can be replaced.  This will ensure that you stay warm, safe and it will help you keep your costs down too as the system will work more efficiently. 

You can book a winter health check at any time with us - just drop us a line or call us and we will get you booked in right away. 

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