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The importance and value of air conditioning inspections

December 03, 2018

Most responsible building owners and managers will have an air conditioning maintenance plan in place.  This helps to keep air conditioning systems running optimally and safely, and ensures that worn parts are replaced.  Maintenance plans can be tailored to suit the building and the regularity will depend on the number of units to be maintained.

However, in addition to regular maintenance, you are obligated through legislation to have a 5-yearly inspection if you have air conditioning systems with total of 12kW or more. If you don’t have an inspection then you could face a fine.

What will an air conditioning inspection provide?

An air conditioning inspection is carried out by an accredited assessor.  The assessor will look at every piece of equipment with the aim of reporting on:

·        the current efficiency of your equipment

·        suggestions for improving the efficiency of your equipment

·        any faults and suggested actions

·        how to reduce your air conditioning use

The report will detail the make, size, capacity, location and serial numbers of all equipment. It will then go on to outline the efficiency of the equipment and make recommendations on how to improve efficiency and cut energy use and costs.

The air conditioning inspection will include:

·       Full details of all air conditioning, refrigeration, air handling and chiller systems

·       Full details of what refrigerants are in use throughout

·       Identify illegal refrigerants

·       The running efficiency of each system including fan power

·       Calculations of energy consumption of each system and the whole facility

·       Calculations of system Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)

·       The standard of preventative maintenance

·       Occupancy of spaces and predicted energy waste

·       Potential savings that can be gained from recommendations

·       Specific recommendations and safety advisory

Air conditioning inspections can save you money

In addition to having a complete record of the standard and status of all of your air conditioning equipment and peace of mind, air conditioning inspections can significantly reduce your energy consumption and costs.

The air conditioning inspection can identify where air conditioning is left running in unoccupied spaces, where water heating is being used inefficiently, or where controls are not being used efficiently.

There are many benefits to be gained from an air conditioning inspection – they are low cost, can save you money, and most importantly, will ensure that you and your occupants are safe.

For more information download the Government’s Guide to Air Conditioning Inspections.

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