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How air conditioning can improve health and productivity in offices

February 26, 2019

Sitting at a desk all day can be hard work.  You may well laugh but anyone who has experienced that 3 o’clock lull or nodding head syndrome will know how difficult it can be to maintain momentum whilst sitting in the same spot for hours on end.

Tea, coffee or a walk around the office may be one solution, but what if the problem is the air quality, not the job itself?

Poor indoor air quality can lead to a wide variety of symptoms; tiredness, coughs, sneezing, and that is without having a cold or flu!  We’ve all seen dust in the air in bright sunlight, and that dust is all around us, all the time.  Office dust can be even worse because there are more people moving around, larger areas of carpets, dust from opening cupboards and drawers and of course the dust, odours and contaminants that comes off of people themselves.

When windows and doors are opened in summer, outdoor pollutants can enter the building, and in winter, when they are all closed up tight, the air can become stale and a breeding ground for germs. So all in all, the office can be a pretty nasty place to sit all day!

Invigorate your office environment and staff with clean, fresh air

Air conditioning does exactly what it says it does – it can condition the air so that it is at the correct temperature and filters it so that it’s clean.   There are many different methods and systems that perform this task, but essentially air conditioning systems can provide cleaner, fresher air.

Fresh air ventilation systems can also use external air to provide ventilation. They extract contaminated air from the inside and transport it to the outside, whilst bringing filtered fresh air from the outside, back into the indoor space. 

Modern heat recovery systems go a step further – they still extract the air but they utilise the heat of the extracted air, therefore using less energy to heat or cool the air being delivered inside.

What type of office air conditioning is best for you?

Air conditioning engineers will consider a range of factors before making a recommendation. Some offices have sealed windows, some have lots of opening windows.  The size of the system will depend on the floor space – you may have lots of individual offices or you may have large open plan areas.

All modern air conditioning systems are highly energy efficient, however some systems can be set to work at specific times in specific places, such as meeting rooms and kitchen areas.  Other considerations are where the units themselves can be installed, such as ceilings, floors or walls. 

Your engineer will make an assessment and provide you with a choice of solutions. Loop Air Conditioning can carry out a free survey for you and provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation.

So, if you would like to see your office staff with more ‘spring in their steps’, call us today on 01438 833600 or simply complete our online enquiry form.