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Air conditioning for small spaces

March 25, 2019

Is your loft conversion like a sauna in summertime? Do you swelter when the sun shines into your small office? Or maybe your small storage facility is constantly chilly? If so, then air conditioning could be the answer.

Most people associate air conditioning with holiday lets or work places, however as temperatures continue to fluctuate in the UK, more and more people are installing low energy, single air conditioning units to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature all year round.

Single cooling and heating solutions

Air conditioning provides heating and cooling, and single low energy systems can easily be installed in most types of buildings.  A single indoor unit is run from an outdoor unit which can be installed on the ground outside the building, or on a wall or roof top.

There’s a huge choice of stylish indoor air conditioning units to choose from so you can choose the ideal size and even colour to suit your décor or surroundings.  Your air conditioning engineer will always carry out a comprehensive survey before making their recommendations. They will also provide you with details about energy efficiency ratings and, if preferred, renewable energy solutions.

Single air conditioning units are ideal for small spaces that regularly become too hot or too cold, or where an ambient temperature is required during occupation, such as:

Small offices
Small storage facilities
Surgeries or treatment rooms
Loft conversions
Coffee shops

And many more…


Environmentally friendly air conditioning

All modern air conditioning systems use environmentally friendly refrigerants that minimise carbon emissions (there are strict EU regulations over the sale of refrigerants).  Refrigerants are safety contained within the system so there is no risk of harm or contamination.

Renewable solutions are also becoming more popular, although it is often better to have more than one unit installed to really benefit from the technology and get a better return on your investment.

Smart controls for air conditioning

Many of today’s modern air conditioning systems come with smart control technology. This means that you can control your air conditioning from your phone so if you leave your small office for a few hours you can turn on your air conditioning when you’re on your way back, saving energy and money.

Air conditioning for multiple rooms

If you’re thinking of installing air conditioning in a few rooms, say in the home, then your air conditioning engineer will install a small split system that will allow you to add or install additional indoor air conditioning units in different rooms – ask your air conditioning engineer for more information.

Loop air conditioning can provide you with a no-obligation free survey and quotation for air conditioning for small spaces. We only ever supply air conditioning systems from leading manufacturers so all of our systems come with a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind.

We can also provide you with ongoing service and support to keep your system running in tip top condition, saving you money and energy.

To book a free survey with one of our expert air conditioning engineers, call us today on 01438 833600 or simply complete our online enquiry form.


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