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Loop install new AC for free at specialist learning centre

April 17, 2019

Loop Air Conditioning has very proudly installed a smart new air conditioning system for free at The Bee Hive in Northampton.

The Bee Hive, provides a valuable range of education services to sixth form students with learning difficulties, and offer a range of vocational training and support facilities.

The air conditioning system was very kindly donated by Principal Climate Technologies, a specialist Daikin technology supplier based in Hertfordshire.

The Bee Hive recently opened a new Horti Hub at their Northampton facility that allows students to grow flowers and vegetables for sale at their in-house shop. 

The team were originally looking for door heaters to keep the training and shop/cafĂ© areas warm.  However, we advised them that the most efficient way of keeping the spaces at the right temperature all year round would be to install an energy efficient air conditioning system which we offered to install for free. 

We then sourced the new Daikin R32 multi split system from Principal Climate Technologies who provided us with all of the equipment required. 

The Bee Hive now have a modern, low energy air conditioning system that provides them with year-round heating and cooling, for which they were very grateful for.

We would like to thank the members of our team who gave their time for free to install the new equipment, and we are also very grateful to Principal Climate for their generous donation of Daikin equipment.

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