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Healthy air conditioning for sports facilities

May 22, 2019

Us Brits love our sports – if we’re not spectating and cheering, we’re taking part.  Sports facilities are big business, and our choice of health clubs and leisure centres has never been bigger.

We see these facilities as a healthy place to workout and hang out, but are all heating, cooling and ventilation systems as healthy as their occupants?

Working out with the bacteria

Where do bacteria thrive best? In a warm, moist and protein-rich environment. In other words, the gym, the squash court, the sauna – you get it. Yes, our health club or sports centre is a five-star holiday for bacteria.

Although most sports facilities have air conditioning, not all have modern, anti-bacteria filters installed, and not all are as regularly serviced and maintained as they should be.

With hundreds of different people passing through these facilities, working up a sweat and touching multiple surfaces, it’s essential that the air conditioning and ventilation systems are in tip top shape to help keep the bacteria to a minimum and keep staff and visitors healthy.

Creating a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment

While bacteria control is important, it’s just as important to ensure that temperatures are right for sport facilities.  The gym, dance hall, swimming pool, changing rooms and café will all require an individual, ambient temperature so that people are comfortable.

Modern VRV (variable refrigerant volume) systems are designed to provide climate control in facilities that require different temperatures, in different parts of a building.  This type of solution is ideal for sports facilities and offers optimum energy efficiency.

Anti-bacterial air conditioning

In areas where the spread of bacteria poses a risk to building occupants, anti-bacterial air conditioning solutions are ideal.  The built-in filters will kill bacteria and keep clean air circulating. They are also very easy to maintain as the filters can be washed and replaced.


Fresh air ventilation does not only improve air quality, it also helps to increase concentration and can help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses. In places such as sports halls or health clubs, fresh air ventilation can significantly improve visitor experience and lower your energy bills.

Service and maintenance

If replacing your current air conditioning system with a modern, low energy system is not an option, it’s essential that it is regularly service and maintained.  This can significantly improve the performance of your system, helping to reduce your energy bills.  What’s more, with so many people passing through your sports facility, your air conditioning filters must be cleaned or replaced regularly, to improve the air quality and to minimise the spread of bacteria.

Loop air conditioning can provide you with a no-obligation free survey and quotation for air conditioning for sports facilities. We only ever supply air conditioning systems from leading manufacturers and all of our systems come with a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind.

We can also provide you with ongoing service and support to keep your system running in tip top condition, saving you money and energy.

To book a free survey with one of our expert air conditioning engineers, call us today on 01438 833600 or simply complete our online enquiry form.

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