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Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home

June 25, 2023

Temperature plays an important part of our everyday lives. Some people prefer a cooler climate, whereas others prefer constant warmth. Of course, we can’t control the weather, but we can control the climate in our own home.

Installing air conditioning in your home offers a number of benefits. You can:

Choose from a wide range of modern, discreet designs
Set temperatures for single or multiple rooms
Set your system to cooling or heating (or both depending on your system)
Stay cool indoors even on the hottest days
Control your system from your smart phone
Add value to your property

Above all, you will know that whatever the weather, you will always be comfortable in your own home.

What type of systems are available?

Although domestic air conditioning systems can vary greatly, there are really three main types of system that are ideal for the home:

1.      A split system – ideal for single rooms or small spaces. The indoor unit is connected to a single outside fan unit.

2.      A multi-split system – ideal for heating or cooling 2 to 5 rooms, and where temperatures can be individually set.

3.      A ducted system – ideal for larger homes, these systems discreetly deliver heating and cooling to a whole house.

Split Systems

This type of domestic air conditioning is ideal if you want to heat or cool a single room such as a bedroom, conservatory or living area.  You can choose from a wide range of indoor units that come in different styles and colours, either wall-mounted or floor standing.  These types of systems are very economical and allow you to keep the temperature of the room just how you like it all year round.

Multi-Split Systems

These types of systems are ideal if you’re looking to heat or cool multiple rooms at different temperatures. Running from a single outdoor unit, each individual indoor unit can be set to deliver heating or cooling as required for that room (so no more arguments about being too hot or cold!). Plus, each indoor unit can be a different colour or style. 

Multi-split air conditioning systems allow you to control your air conditioning from your smart phone too, helping you to set temperatures whilst at home or when you’re on your way home. They offer minimum running costs and you can choose from wall-mounted, floor standing or, depending on the size of your property, can be duct connected so that you can deliver heating and cooling via ceiling cassettes or grilles.

Ducted Systems

If you’re looking for an all-in-one climate control solution to provide energy efficient cooling and heating to your entire home, then a ducted system may be the ideal choice.  These quiet systems are usually installed in larger properties that have the capacity to house the ducting system.

A discreetly placed outdoor unit services the indoor units which can be concealed in the ceiling or even under your floor. The flexible ducting distributes heating or cooling via carefully positioned vents throughout your home.  The only visible parts of the system therefore, is the controller and the grilles or ceiling units.


The benefits of installing air conditioning in your home

Firstly, you will know that you and your family can live in total comfort all year round.  Modern air conditioning systems are also very energy efficient and many are considered to be ‘clean energy’ and there are a range of totally environmentally friendly options too.

Not only will your system add style and comfort to your home, it can also add significant value to your home too.

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