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Heating and cooling for large industrial spaces

October 17, 2019

Installing air conditioning solutions in offices, shops and homes is commonplace and pretty straightforward for qualified engineers.  However, when it comes to heating and cooling very large spaces there’s a whole lot more to consider.

Heating and cooling a large space needs careful planning to ensure that the solution is highly energy efficient and meets the exact needs of the business. A detailed survey will be undertaken to calculate the exact type and size of equipment needed.  These calculations will then be applied to the design of the system which will show where the equipment will be installed and how the services will be delivered.

Of course, no large space is the same – there are all kinds of buildings and there are all kinds of individual business needs. Some production plants will have heavy machinery working all day which generates heat and dust. Other buildings will be used to store goods – some at ambient temperatures and some requiring cold storage.

Here are some examples of large spaces that require specialist heating and cooling:

Warehouses and distribution centres – cooling and heating for workers or cold storage for food
Food manufacturing – food processing requires specific temperature control
Pharmaceuticals – medicines require special manufacturing and storage conditions
Data Centres – temperatures need to be closely controlled with back up services
Large commercial play areas – air conditioning, ventilation and moisture control
Chemicals and hazardous materials – temperature control is safety critical
Manufacturing – temperature control, ventilation and dust extraction
Retail – large ‘shed’ facilities require ambient temperatures and ventilation

These examples demonstrate the diversity of applications for heating and cooling large spaces. The ultimate aim is to ensure that goods are protected, services are uninterrupted and that the people that use the facilities are safe and comfortable.

Types of solutions for heating and cooling large spaces

While many typical air conditioning solutions can deliver energy efficient heating and cooling to large areas, most applications will require a range of different systems and related pipe and duct work.  Typical systems might include:

Air conditioning systems – providing variable heating and cooling

Heat extraction systems – used where lots of heat is generated

Ventilation systems – providing fresh air and eliminating dust particles

Humidity control systems – removes excess moisture from the air

Clean room systems – used for sterile working areas

Loop air conditioning’s engineers are fully qualified to provide you with a high-quality, energy-efficient solution for any large facility.  We have worked on large and often complex projects all over the UK, enabling us to give you sound advice and reliable service.

We can carry out a full survey and provide detailed designs to suit your exact needs.  We only ever install solutions from world-leading manufacturers that come with long warranties and ongoing maintenance packages.

Whether you require a solution for a new facility, or you want to upgrade an existing system, please get in touch to book a FREE initial survey.