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Reduce heat loss by up to 85% with energy saving air curtains

November 25, 2020

Creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors is what most commercial businesses aim for, and temperature plays a big role in achieving this.  Most of us won’t notice an air curtain over the door as we enter a shop or building - what we do notice however is whether it’s toasty and warm or refreshingly cool.

Doorway air curtains can reduce your heat loss by 80-85% and can significantly cut your energy consumption and running costs if installed with a heat pump. Integration into your existing heating and cooling system is easy and because heat pump air curtains are around 72% more efficient than standard electric models. 

How do air curtains work?

Air curtains are designed to keep indoor temperatures constant by inhibiting heat loss when doors are open, and equally, preventing the outdoor air from entering.  Air curtains deliver a continuous flow of heated or cooled air right across a doorway, from top to bottom, maintaining a stable climate inside the building.

Types of air curtains


Air curtains are available in a number of different designs including wall mounted, ceiling cassette and concealed units. They are generally used in doorways with heavy footfall; shops, commercial buildings, health centres, hospitals, and so on.  They are also used for industrial applications such as large warehouses, cold stores, garages, or large exhibition halls.  Air curtains are designed to fit across the entire width of an entrance, and can be temperature controlled independently.

VRV connected air curtains

Air curtains can be installed as part of a total installation or independently.  Total VRV (variable refrigerant volume) installations are ideal for shops, offices or commercial buildings because they deliver efficient and variable heating, cooling and hot water to different indoor areas. VRV was among the first heat pump systems suitable for connection to air curtains and provide virtually free air curtain heating via recovered heat from the indoor units in cooling mode. Systems are quick to install at reduced costs since no additional water systems, boilers and gas connections are required, and payback is seen within 18 months.

Stand-alone air curtains

If you only require an air curtain, then this can be easily installed via an independent heat pump (shown as an ERQ above) which is directly connected to the air curtain, again offering all of the same benefits including a payback of less than 18 months. Installation is quick too as again, no additional water systems, boilers or gas connections are required.


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