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Concealed air conditioning systems

June 21, 2023

Modern air conditioning systems are designed for high efficiency and low running costs. They are also designed to look good and complement interior spaces.

Today, customers can choose from a wide range of indoor units; different types, styles, colours and finishes can be selected to suit individual spaces and tastes. However, not everyone wants their air conditioning unit to be visible and, in many cases, there isn’t adequate space to install wall-mounted or floor-mounted units.

Smart, discreet, air conditioning

Whether you require air conditioning in a restaurant or office, a hairdressing salon or the home, Loop can install carefully concealed air conditioning which will improve air quality, deliver efficient cooling, heating or ventilation, and enhance interior aesthetics.

Concealed indoor air conditioning

Concealed air conditioning delivers all of the above benefits, but it’s worth knowing that concealed units require a certain amount of space above the ceiling or behind walls, to allow for the required ducting.  That said, there are numerous ways to overcome obstacles and our experienced engineers will carry out a full building assessment and advise you of your options.

Concealed air conditioning units can be installed in ceilings, walls, over doors or even at floor level. Here are some examples:


Concealed outdoor units

At Loop, we always carefully plan where to install outdoor units.  They need space around them, and they need to keep people safe, particularly when they are on ground level.

As well as careful positioning, we can provide a range of discreet, protective solutions that can disguise the outdoor unit, or blend it with the external environment.  Here are a few examples of concealed outdoor units.

If you would like to discuss installing a concealed air conditioning system in your business or home, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a free survey and quotation.