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Make a fresh start with a serviced, sanitised air conditioning system

January 18, 2021

At Loop, we’re pleased and thankful that our entire team remains fit and well. Our customers can be assured that not only will be continuing to install, service and maintain all heating, cooling and ventilation equipment during the coming weeks and months, but we are taking all necessary hygiene measures to ensure that our staff and customers are fully protected.

Making a fresh start

Although life is tricky for everyone right now, it will get better!  As a service provider, we see it as our job to provide as much information and advice about air conditioning systems as we can.  There are many myths surrounding air conditioning, but we’re here to give you facts and best practice advice, and put your mind at rest!

Vacant Premises? What should you do about the air conditioning?

With government guidance to work from home, there are now partially or fully vacated buildings up and down the country.  One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is “should I turn off the air con?” 

If you have a small space that is going to be empty for some time the answer is yes. BUT, you should have your system serviced whilst there are no occupants so that filters can be changed and the systems is full checked before it is turned back on. This is will provide you with reassurance that no bacteria are sitting in your system.

If your air conditioning is part of a building-wide system, then you may need to keep some air conditioning or ventilation systems running. However, it is HIGHLY ADVISED that the entire system is serviced to ensure that all filtration systems are cleaned and sterilised before the building is fully occupied again.

Serviced air conditioning systems can be left on and set to a low ambient temperature. You can adjust the timings of your control system to turn on or off at specific times (just like you do with home central heating).  Depending on your system size, you can turn some air conditioners off, while leaving others on.  If you need any advice please contact us.

Can air conditioning repairs and maintenance be carried out still during the Coronavirus epidemic?

Unless there is specific legislation that prevents us from doing so then yes.  At Loop, it is business as usual.  We will continue to carry out planned maintenance and respond to commercial customers with a need for emergency repair or breakdown. However, we will be unable to enter domestic premises where there is a current occupier with the Coronavirus. If the occupier/s are fully recovered then we can carry out emergency works.

Any planned installations will also be carried out as scheduled.  Our engineers are used to carrying out installations and servicing when buildings are empty, which leads to less disruption for all.

Our best advice?  Service and sanitise your air conditioning system!

For all of the reasons we’ve outlined above, servicing your air conditioning will ensure that:

  • Filters are cleaned or replaced
  • Worn parts are replaced
  • Energy is being used efficiently, lowering running costs
  • The system is safe and complies with all current legislation
  • Control systems are working correctly
  • The system is clean, efficient and sanitised.

Our team are here to answer any other questions you may have. If you would like a FREE service quotation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.