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Our commitment to supporting local charities through food donations

April 21, 2020

In a few years’ time when we look back at the global pandemic that we’re experiencing now, we will probably remember two things; the devastation and loss experienced by families, and the extraordinary bravery, commitment and professionalism of healthcare workers, charities, volunteers and people in the community.

At Loop, we’ve always tried to do what we can to support local food banks because it’s often the smaller charities that are the ones that struggle the most.  We believe that no-one should ever go hungry – and those that need food should always have access to it.

For a number of years, Loop as supported the Luton Foodbank by donating supplies of much needed food staples (and some treats too!). The foodbank provides local people with food and support whilst they are experiencing hardship, which sadly is an increasing problem for many. 

We have also provided much needed food supplies to Azalea, a Luton based charity which offers support to vulnerable and sexually exploited women.  Azalea is one of the few agencies open in Luton and are in desperate need of donations for their Food Bank, particularly during the pandemic. They have a stream of vulnerable women coming to them in great need and the cupboard is nearly bare. 

Every item of food that you can donate is so valuable and appreciated, so if you can help, please visit to find out where you can take your donation.

Everyone is trying to do their bit at this difficult time – even if it just means staying at home to protect lives.  If you can do a little more, there are many local charities in need of all kinds of support so it’s worth finding out more about what you can do to help.

Thank you to all of our team who contribute to all of the donations we have made over the years.