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Quiet, energy efficient air conditioning for bedrooms

June 16, 2020

Despite all that is going on right now, we can be thankful that the weather has been kind to us. Now that summer has arrived, this can mean enduring long hot nights, and a good night’s sleep is one thing that we can all benefit from right now. Air conditioning can be your saviour!

Installing air conditioning in your home bedrooms will provide year-round comfort; cooling in the warmer months and heating during winter.  You can choose just cooling if you prefer, or heating and cooling. Either way, modern air conditioning is ultra-efficient and very quiet, allowing you and your family to sleep peacefully.

Choosing the right bedroom air conditioning

The average home in the UK has three bedrooms, however increasing numbers of two-bedroom homes are being built.  Domestic air conditioning systems are designed to minimise internal cosmetic changes, and typically consist of a wall or floor-mounted air conditioning unit which is connected to an external outdoor unit.

A single split system is ideal for a single bedroom, whereas a multi-split system allows you to connect up to five bedrooms (or say three bedrooms plus two other rooms in the house).

Indoor units require simple, hidden pipework that connects with the outdoor unit, so all you see is a smart, modern air conditioning system.

The outdoor unit will be carefully located against an outside wall or is a close-by, safe location. These units are very compact and very quiet, so they won’t disturb you or the neighbours!

Modern air conditioning designs for bedrooms

Loop air conditioning only supply solutions from top manufacturers including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, LG and Panasonic.  Domestic air conditioning solutions are designed to offer comfort control, style and low running costs, and they all come with guarantees to offer you total peace of mind.

There is a wide choice of designs and colours, as well as functionality; many air conditioning systems now allow you to control them remotely via your smart phone, so you can turn on your bedroom air conditioning when you’re on your way home from an evening out.

Here’s a selection of a few styles of air conditioning units that can be installed in bedrooms.

Daikin Stylish Units; White, Silver, Black, Black Matt


LG - R32 Smart Inverter

Mitsubishi Electric Zen Indoor Unit

Panasonic R32 Inverter


We have many more options to show you, in a range of sizes and finishes. Loop Air Conditioning provides free surveys and free no-obligation quotations, and we can provide customer references too, for total peace of mind. Please be assured that we will always adhere to social distancing guidelines and all of our installed equipment is fully sanitised during and on completion of installation.

Contact us today to discuss your bedroom air conditioning needs, and we will help you on your way to enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep, every night.