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The low down on floor standing air conditioning solutions

March 19, 2023

When we think about air conditioning systems, most of us will visualise ceiling or wall-mounted units.  Ceiling units are mostly seen in larger commercial facilities or retail stores, whereas wall-mounted units are usually found in smaller premises or homes.

However, not all settings are ideal or practical for high wall-mounted units; there may be large wall storage units in place, or graphics or pictures on the wall, or there may be no easy way to install pipework without spoiling the interior design.

For these reasons, or maybe just preference, floor standing air conditioning units are an ideal alternative.  They are more discreet and can certainly be more convenient for some installations. You won’t lose any of the energy efficiency heating or cooling benefits or control functionality that you would get with a high level wall-mounted unit either.

Here are a few of the latest floor level air conditioning systems from some leading manufacturers, each using low GWP refrigerant (R32) for optimum energy efficiency with the lowest CO2 emissions.

Daikin FVXM-A

This compact floor level air conditioning unit is smart and offers many special features. Its advanced Heat+ and Floor Warming function provides the perfect comfort at home, in retail shops or offices. Heat+ warms up the room for 30 minutes via convection at very low fan speed, and in the Floor Warming mode the warm air is discharged at floor level to create even heat distribution for up to 3.5m.

The built-in Flash Streamer technology is another big bonus feature; it breaks down allergens such as pollen and fungal spores, provides better and cleaner air. The Residential Controller App allows you to control the indoor unit from any location via an app. You can control main functions like temperature set point, operation mode, and fan speed. Plus, the system can be controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Panasonic CS-Z25UFEAW

Another stylish and feature-full floor standing air conditioning unit is the Panasonic CS-Z25UFEAQ range. This discreet system comes with Nanoe™X technology that purifies the room air and offers upper and lower vane blow, delivering cooling through the top vents and heating from below.

This modern, highly energy efficient system can be controlled via the infra-red controller via a hard-wired controller or there is an optional Wi-Fi interface for wireless control. This super system is ideal for any room in the house, small shops or offices.

Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KT

Another very versatile and stylish floor standing unit is the MFZ-KT Series.  This R32 system is designed for streamline cooling and heating and is ideal for smaller commercial or domestic properties. The auto swing vane provides a natural and comfortable airflow throughout the room, which is easily controlled to maximise energy efficiency. 

The unit is lightweight and easy to install and, due to its compact size, will save space.  The built-in controller has a 7-day time clock, giving you total control over temperature settings and timings.


If you would like more detailed information about any of these top-quality floor standing air conditioning units, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.