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Air conditioning for garden rooms

May 24, 2021

Events over the last year or so have made us all re-evaluate the way we live our lives. Businesses have had to change the layout of workplaces, and home workers have had to adapt their homes somewhat, in order to find a comfortable place to work. 

The pandemic has also led many homeowners to extend their homes rather than moving, including adding extra space for home offices. With more people being given the option of working from home on a more flexible or permanent basis, garden rooms are fast becoming a new trend. And with gyms being closed for many months, garden rooms are also the ideal place to work-out and chill-out.

Efficient cooling and heating for garden rooms

Whilst a summerhouse is typically built with a single layer of timber, a garden room is a more insulated structure, allowing it to be used all year round. The timber frame has layers of insulation, plus external and internal cladding.  These insulated garden rooms are great at keeping draughts and damp out. However, timber is warm and in the summer months they can become too warm to work in, even with the doors open.

Garden room air conditioning is the ideal solution.  A single air conditioning unit can provide low energy cooling and heating all year round, and add even further value to your garden room. A single air conditioning unit can run off a single outdoor condenser unit which can be hidden discretely behind or at the side of the garden room.

Air conditioning for the home and garden room

If you already have air conditioning in the home, you may be able to add an additional indoor unit to your garden room from your existing outdoor condenser. If you don’t have home air conditioning, you can choose to take full advantage of your garden room air conditioning condenser unit by adding further indoor units in the home.

Today’s modern air conditioning technology offers customers total flexibility and high efficiency. With a single indoor air conditioning unit, you are able to adjust the temperatures as required, or pre-set the system to an ambient temperature.

Some air conditioning units come with Smart technology, allowing customers to control the air conditioning and monitor energy use from a Smart phone.

Air conditioning can remove pollen and allergens from garden rooms

For so many people, pollen can bring misery during Spring and Summer, preventing many from even entertaining the idea of a garden room. However, this problem can be solved by anti-bacterial air conditioning as they can eliminate all kinds of harmful air particles, including pollen, toxins, bacteria and other allergens, leaving you to breathe clean, fresh air.

A garden room should be a comfortable, peaceful extension to the home, and a great place to work. The addition of air conditioning will bring total comfort - regardless of the outside temperature - making your garden room a haven, all year round.

For more information or a free quotation, please get in touch with our expert team and we will get your garden room air conditioning up and running without delay.