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How do we install outdoor units on high rise buildings without a crane?

October 20, 2021

City skylines always look impressive, and if you look closely, you will see that most rooftops have a variety of pipes, outdoor air conditioning units or ventilation equipment installed.

Installing HVAC equipment on rooftops is always a challenge, and requires careful planning and an experienced team of engineers. Heavy equipment is usually lifted using a crane, however, with city streets often limited in terms of space and access, this is not always possible – here’s a great recent example.

Installing outdoor units on London hotel rooftop

One of our recent projects for a hotel in London, presented this type of access problem. We needed to install two VRF outdoor units onto the roof of the hotel but there was no street access for a crane.

To install the units, we had to ‘strip and rebuild’ them. This essentially means that we have to take the built units apart and rebuild them on the rooftop. This requires a great deal of skill and care and would only be carried out by our experienced engineers.

For this hotel project, we had the units delivered to the back door and then we de-gassed and dismantled the units. Each section and part then had to be taken to the roof in the hotel lift where they were reassembled, pressure tested and re-charged.

As you can see, the views from this rooftop were extraordinary – views that few people get to see, and which made the job all the more enjoyable.

Our skilled engineers always enjoy a challenge, and regardless of the building type or size of equipment, Loop’s engineers always find a way!

If you have an installation challenge for us, please get in touch – our experts haven’t been beaten yet!

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