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Why air conditioning design is so important

January 18, 2022

Having installed hundreds of air conditioning systems over many years, one thing that we know for sure is that every installation is unique. It’s for this reason that air conditioning design plays such an important role, particularly in new installations.

Many factors need to be considered when installing or retrofitting a new conditioning system; each building, space and room size is different, each space has different cooling, heating or ventilation requirements, every infrastructure varies.

Considerations when designing a new air conditioning system

When designing a new air conditioning system, we begin by carrying out a full survey of the building. Our design team will then map the location of equipment on schematics, including all pipework and electrical needs. Detailed energy and load calculations will then determine which equipment is required.

The equipment that we choose has to meet all quality standards and regulations which is why we only install technology made by top manufacturers, which we will then expertly and safely install and commission.

Our experienced air conditioning design team work closely with our highly trained engineers to ensure that every aspect of customer requirements are met, and that all health and safety factors are considered.

What does air conditioning design include?

Whether we are designing an air conditioning solution for a commercial building, a warehouse, a retail store, a sports centre or even a home, our air conditioning design team will always consider:

  • Customer requirements; heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water
  • Occupants; numbers and frequency of use
  • Type of building and infrastructure; ceiling heights, services, building management systems, accessibility
  • Internal design and aesthetics
  • Control systems and smart technology
  • Plant and equipment locations
  • Building use e.g. industrial plants may require high levels of air filtration to eliminate harmful gases or pollutants, whereas a school may require fresh air ventilation in classrooms
  • Sustainability; choosing a long-term, sustainable solution with low carbon emissions
  • Customer budget and running costs
  • Service and maintenance requirements

Loop air conditioning take great pride in providing all of our customers with the very best air conditioning solutions that are designed for their specific needs and total customer satisfaction.

Please get in touch to find out more about how we can design and install the perfect air conditioning solution for your project.