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What are the benefits of commercial air conditioning?

March 28, 2022

You only need to look around you when you’re out and about to see that there are all kinds of commercial properties: office blocks, shops, warehouses, garages, surgeries, manufacturing plants – the list goes on and on. All of these buildings will require some degree of air conditioning and ventilation.

Depending on the type of building and business sector use, employers or building owners have a legal duty to ensure that there is adequate heating, air conditioning or ventilation. But regardless of the type of commercial property, air conditioning brings a great many benefits and is often vital to keep people safe.

Climate control

Commercial air conditioning is designed to deliver ideal temperatures for business environments for both employee comfort and business critical needs; while office workers or restaurant diners might enjoy regulated cooling or heating, the likes of IT server rooms or food or pharmaceutical production facilities need to be kept at carefully controlled cool temperatures.

The function of air conditioning in commercial environments is vital for occupant comfort, safety and the commercial needs - many businesses could not function without it.

Hygiene and safety

Commercial air conditioning systems not only help to create a cleaner indoor environment for employees and visitors, fresh air ventilation can help keep people healthier, more energised and more productive.

Modern commercial air conditioning systems have filters which can remove viruses, pollen, dust and bacteria; some advanced systems can also eliminate 99.9% of Coronavirus bacteria. This is particularly beneficial in hospitals, or places where people might gather in large numbers.

A commercial environment that has a clean, fresh feel will help to enhance occupant experience as well as reputation. Most importantly, clean air helps to prevent the spread of germs and creates a healthier working environment.  

Filtering dust, microns or gases

Commercial air conditioning and ventilation is also vital for removing dust particles, microns or gases, such as those emitted in manufacturing plants or hospitals. Air conditioning and ventilation systems are relied upon to remove harmful gases, toxins and microscopic bacteria so that people stay safe.

Air conditioning for all seasons

Whilst most people relate air conditioning to cooling in the summer months, it is also a very efficient way to quickly heat small or very large spaces.

The beauty of air conditioning is that it can regulate the temperature throughout a whole room or entire building, including open plan spaces, individual rooms, kitchens, washrooms and areas with plant or heavy machinery.

Renewable technology takes efficiency even further as it can cool or heat the air taken from the outside air far more quickly and efficiency than constantly heating cold air, or having to cool hot air.

Loop air conditioning supply and install all kinds of commercial air conditioning solutions, as well as carrying out vital maintenance and servicing to ensure that systems are performing optimally and efficiently.

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