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5 reasons why air conditioning should be part of interior design

June 23, 2022

When renovating houses or modernising commercial facilities, interior designers will be working with the customer to meet a specific brief; to create a new, functional and stylish space that enhances the experience of its users. However, one area that can be overlooked is air conditioning – more specifically, designing in climate experience.

Heating, air conditioning and ventilation play an important role in interior design. It can change the atmosphere, provide comfort and importantly, deliver clean, fresh air that is vital in all internal spaces.

Modern air conditioning technology is available in a wide range of different styles and colours that can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted – with or without ducting, discreet or exposed. Interior designers can not only seamlessly integrate air conditioning into the overall design, they enhance user experience and comfort. In addition, new 3D technology uses augmented reality, allowing interior designers to show customers different types of systems and how they will look in their own properties.

Here are 5 reasons why air conditioning will enhance any interior design:

Create the ideal climate and ambience

Air conditioning can create and enhance the ambience of a space in numerous ways. In addition to choosing a system that complements the interior design look, heating, cooling and ventilation can automatically set temperatures and adjust them at set times to maintain an ambient temperature. This is important if a space has large windows that generate a lot of heat in summer or can be cold in winter.

User experience can be enhanced through the use of climate control Smart technology; users can control temperatures, energy use and functionality using their mobile devices. Air conditioning sensors can also detect whether users are in a certain area such as kitchen or meeting rooms, automatically turning the system on or off as required.

Health and wellbeing

Today, more than ever, clean internal air is vital. Air conditioning extracts as well as delivers clean air, helping to eliminate bacteria, pollen, viruses and harmful particles. This is especially important in facilities where many people gather such as theatres, bars, gyms, restaurants or healthcare facilities. Air conditioning systems extract stale air and deliver clean fresh air ventilation. This is an important factory when designing any interior space.

Create a sensory experience

Air aroma technology is also used to enhance brand experience. In the past it has been more commonly used by luxury brand, but new, compact technology is enabling customers across all industries to create scented environments and capture the imagination of their customers.

Fragrance diffusers use cold-air technology to deliver personalised scents discretely through stand-alone systems or through a ventilation or a ducted air conditioning system. This can create a unique interior design experience.

Workplace productivity

In any workplace, fresh air is very important for health. Fresh air ventilation is proven to increase worker productivity and maintain it over long periods of time.

Offices, schools, universities, and facilities that operate 24 hours a day, are some of the types of spaces that really benefit from fresh air ventilation. Fresh air keeps occupants alert and comfortable, and can really enhance the workplace environment.

Exposed services interior design

One of most popular design features today in modern fit-outs and refurbishments is exposed services. A trend which began many years ago in loft-style apartments and offices, plain ceilings with harsh strip lights have been removed to reveal high ceilings which can incorporate modern, exposed dark or steel-look ductwork with suspended modern lighting and air conditioning.

With advancements in lighting design and an increasing selection of stylish, energy-efficient air conditioning system designs that are available in a multitude of colours, this is a trend that is set to continue and is already being adopted in new house-build designs. 

If you would like any help with selecting the right air conditioning solutions for your interior design project, please get in touch with our expert team who can provide you with free advice.