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Low-temperature cooling solutions for wine cellars

September 21, 2022

Whether you run a pub, a wine bar, a restaurant, a hotel or you’re a private wine collector, you’ll know how imperative it is to maintain a constant temperature in your wine or beer cellar.

Wine cellars are not only used to store wine, they are used to keep beer, lagers, and soft drinks cool too. However, wine needs to be stored at a different temperature than beers and lagers, so how do you ensure that each drink category is chilled to the right temperature?

Most standard air conditioning systems chill down to 18°c which is adequate for chilling beers and lagers. Wines however need to be stored at lower temperatures of around 12°c so it will require a separate cellar cooling system to ensure that wines remain unspoiled.

Types of low-temperature wine cellar cooling systems

The type of system required for wine cellar cooling will depend on how many bottles you are storing, the size of the storage area, and also how frequently the wine cellar is accessed. If you are investing in a wine cellar cooling system, it will be worth considering both your current and future needs.

There are three main types of low-temperature wine cellar cooling options to choose from:

Self-contained systems

Split systems

Ducted systems

Self-contained wine storage systems

As the name suggests, self-contained wine cooling systems are considered entry-level or more affordable solutions for smaller areas or small collections of wine. Much like a home refrigerator, they can be delivered and connected very easily and will require no specialist intervention from an air conditioning engineer.

Self-contained wine cooling systems come in a range of sizes and capacities; from small cabinets to large walk-in containers. They either come with a set temperature range or more advanced control panels.

Split wine cellar systems

Split wine cellar cooling systems comprise a condenser that sits outside of the wine cellar and an evaporator that sits inside the cellar or wine storage area. They are designed to ensure that temperatures do not go above or below the required range i.e., 11°c to 14°c.

The evaporator unit can be installed on a wall, floor, or ceiling or integrated into a wine rack. Temperatures are set and controlled by wall-mounted and/or smart controls - some smart systems can also send an alert to warn of any rapid or unusual temperature changes.

Ducted wine cellar systems

If your wine cellar does not allow easy pipework connection to an outside condenser, or you want to ensure that any condenser noise is kept to a minimum, a duct system is ideal. The ductwork allows air to flow through from the outside condenser from a more remote location.

Keeping your wine cellar cooling system maintained

Any type of air conditioning or ventilation system needs to be regularly maintained and checked for signs of wear and tear or refrigeration leaks.  This will ensure that your wine and other cold storage beverages remain fresh and consumable.


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