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New home air conditioning solutions from Daikin

November 17, 2022

As a Certified Daikin Installer, Loop Air Conditioning can offer you the very latest Daikin air conditioning technology from the leading global manufacturer and innovator.

Daikin solutions are made to the highest standards and offer outstanding performance in energy efficiency. And when it comes to design, their shelves are packed full of awards.

Loop’s expert engineers always tailor equipment that will deliver maximum performance and return for the space required. There are many designs to choose from but here are a few of the latest Daikin air conditioning innovations.


The Emura wall-mounted air conditioning unit is an award-winning solution that is ultra-thin in design and is very eye-catching. Energy efficiency is outstanding, offering A+++ performance in both cooling and heating.

The unit has a 3D air-flow system that combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing, giving an even distribution of air throughout small or large spaces. And its intelligent heating and cooling can be controlled by a remote controller, by Smart phone or by voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The system is available in black, white and silver. Download the brochure for full details.



Next up, and offering the same functionality and efficiency as the Emura is the Stylish range. This system certainly lives up to its name in terms of design and curvaceous good looks and is available in four colours: black, white, silver and blackwood.

The stylish range offers the option of Flash Streamer filter technology that removes particles, allergens and odours.

Download the brochure for full details.





Again, offering A+++ in cooling and heating, the Perfera range is designed to blend seamlessly into any indoor space. Available as a wall-mounted unit or floor-mounted unit, the Perfera offers all of the functionality of Emura and Stylish, as well as a ‘heat boost’ function that takes the chill off the air in an instant.

Flash Streamer is also an option – it breaks down allergens such as pollen and fungal allergens and removes odours to provide better, cleaner air. The system is also very quiet: down to 19dBA.

Download the brochures below for full details.



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