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Loop delivers its biggest food donation to Luton Foodbank

December 15, 2022

It’s shocking that in 21st-century Britain, thousands of people are going hungry every single day – real hunger that is painful and damaging to health.

Foodbanks have been a lifeline for so many people over the years, but demand is now at record levels. Luton Foodbank has given out over 10,000 food parcels since April this year – that’s a staggering number for just one area in England.

Luton Foodbank is a fantastic charity that has become a vital resource for thousands of local people. They totally depend on donations from people in the local community and businesses in and around the area.

They have drop-off and collection points around Luton which are then collected and distributed by a dedicated team of volunteers. Each box of food given out is enough to last one person for up to three days.

Loop's team has been supporting the charity for five years and this year we delivered our largest donation to date. We always wish that we could do more but as they say, every little helps!

Please help if you can, even if it’s to just spread the word. You can find out more about Luton Foodbank here.