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Where should mechanical ventilation systems be installed?

January 19, 2023

The last few years have made us all more aware of how easily bacteria can spread and the most basic steps that we can take to prevent spread, such as keeping our hands and surfaces clean.

What we can’t easily control is the levels of bacteria and pollutants in the air that we breathe. And although we’re often told to open windows in order to clean and freshen the indoor air, the reality is that the pollutants in the outside air can be worse than those indoors.

What causes poor indoor air quality?

Poor air quality can be caused by all kinds of sources that come from the indoor environment such as:

Carpets and floor tiles
Damaged walls could leak asbestos
Damp and mould
Paints and varnishes
Cleaning products
Perfumes and sprays
Human sources of bacteria

Outdoor air that enters a building carries other sources of pollutants including:

Carbon monoxide
Building works dust
Chimney smoke
Chemicals from gases or contaminated soil
Environmental spills

Where should mechanical fresh air ventilation systems be installed?

There are a number of different types of ventilation systems; some simply extract indoor air whereas others just supply air.

A fully ducted ventilation system (air handling unit) will do both – drawing in outside air, filtering it and then delivering the clean air indoors while extracting stale air. Heat recovery ventilation systems are even more advanced and energy efficient because they extract the air from within the space, filter it and then recirculate the cleaned air.

Ventilation systems offer a multitude of health benefits and are essential for any facility where many people gather or where clean air is vital:

Hospitals and treatment centres
Doctor and dental surgeries
Gyms and sports halls
Care homes or facilities for the elderly
Theatres and cinemas
Schools, colleges, and universities
Airtight commercial buildings
Factories and food processing
Animal care facilities

Loop Air Conditioning design, supply, install and care for ventilation systems in all types of commercial settings. Our expert engineers will choose the most appropriate energy-efficient ventilation system for your needs.

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