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Types of Black Air Conditioning Units

April 10, 2024

Black is a colour that always adds a touch of class, style and majesty to modern interiors. Black air conditioning units continue to be popular which has led most major manufacturers to add black units as a standard range.

We’re showcasing some of our best-selling black indoor units that deliver outstanding efficiency and have low environmental impact.

Both wall and ceiling units come with a long list of features that put users in control of energy use, via wired controllers or Smart devices.

These black indoor air conditioning units are in no particular order of popularity, features or price. They are all excellent quality, offer high energy efficiency of A+++, and each has unique design features and functions.



This smart indoor unit is packed with technology that removes 99.99%* of bacteria and deodorises. It also comes with voice control, remote control and energy monitoring.

Daikin Stylish

A best-seller that is compact and ultra-quiet, and comes with Flash Streamer technology that removes bacteria, allergens and odour and provides fresh, healthy air.


Daikin Emura

Noted for its award-winning ultra-slim profile, this sleek unit has a heat boost function and whisper-quiet operation, along with Daikin’s Flash Streamer technology.


Mitsubishi Electric MSZ

Another iconic design that turns heads. Special features include Cloud energy monitoring, i-SEE function for automatic airflow adjustment and plasma Quad technology that removes dust, allergens and bacteria.

Panasonic Etherea Black

Another slick and streamlined design, the Etherea comes with nanoe™ X technology that inhibits up to 99% of adhered bacteria, viruses, and prevents mould on the filter, evaporator and air outlet.



Ceiling air conditioning units can be installed in all kinds of spaces; residential, retail, offices and other commercial spaces, however, you need adequate space above the ceiling for the unit and ducting.

Black ceiling units add a touch of drama and are perfect for interiors with bright or deep colours and they contrast perfectly with all types of wood finishes.

The examples shown below offer A+++ energy efficiency and have advanced filtration and built-in technology that filters allergens, bacteria, odours and viruses and are designed for easy maintenance.

Here are some of the most popular black air conditioning units.

Daikin Roundflow Cassette


Mitsubishi Electric 4-Way Blow Ceiling Cassette


Loop can provide full details on all of the above black air conditioning units, and the full range of colours available for each model. Please get in touch for a FREE QUOTATION.