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Sanyo Gas Fired Heat Pump Servicing

A gas heat pump provides stable heating when external temperatures are low and does not require high capacity electric power connections. It’s a great solution to many situations and, just like a car engine, requires periodic inspections of the engine that drives the compressor. A specialist engineer can ensure trouble free operation of the system.

Major engine service

After your warranty ends, we can prepare and carry out the servicing required at the 5 year/10,000 hour service interval and the 10 year/20,000 hour service interval.

The major engine service includes, but is not limited to:

  • oil change
  • air filter change
  • valve check/adjustment
  • start-up check
  • engine coolant condition check/replacement
  • drain filter
  • inspection of fuel system and check of safety devices
  • spark plug check/replacement
  • compressor drive belts
  • refrigerant circuit checks
  • collection of operation data.


To make sure all periodic inspections are performed and your equipment is kept well maintained, contact us to arrange an inspection of your Sanyo Gas Fired Heat Pump.

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