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TM44 Air Conditioning Energy Assessments

We’re never far away from a conversation about saving energy. The TM44 energy assessments are now in place to look at your equipment and energy consumption, and suggest ways on how you could save energy - and money!

Your local assessor

Our assessors can provide inspections for existing and new customers at your commercial premises. We go further than just ticking the boxes and spend time to help you understand and benefit from the results.

We will:

  • give you advice on making improvements or seeking alternatives
  • explain how you can make significant savings on just one piece of equipment
  • produce a report for you to see the potential financial and environmental benefits
  • talk to you about how these changes can future proof your business
  • check for the banned R22 CFC gas  in older appliances


What’s the background of the TM44?

A European directive was introduced in 2012 outlining that all businesses with air conditioning systems over 12kW (total) must have their systems regularly inspected. The TM44 was introduced to provide guidance on what these inspections should include.


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