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Air Aroma Technology

Leading brands all over the world understand that creating a comfortable, relaxed environment leads to a lasting, positive experience.

At Loop, we’re experts at providing comfort cooling and heating, however, we can also help you to take your customer experience to a new level through our new air aroma technology.


The power of scent

Of all the human senses, smell is the most powerful one because it is directly linked to emotions and experience.

Air aroma technology is designed to enable brands to connect with customers through scent, helping to heighten experience, increase value perception and enhance brand recognition – ultimately it increases sales!

Our market leading fragrance diffusers use cold-air technology to deliver personalised scents discretely through stand-alone systems or through a ventilation or a ducted air conditioning system.

Used by leading brands worldwide

Air aroma technology has already been in use for many years by leading luxury brands, however new, compact technology is enabling customers across all industries to create scented environments and capture the imagination of their customers.

Air aroma technology is ideal for:

Hotel lobbies, business reception areas, hospitality suites
Retail stores, shopping malls, fashion events
Car showrooms, new homes sales suites
Health therapy suites, dance or exercise halls, beauty therapy
Green spaces, theatres, cinemas

The choice of fragrances is pretty endless.  We can provide a range of samples or you may want a bespoke scent.  Some of the most popular scents include:

Forest Aromas
Citrus fruits
Olive trees

And many, many more!

Creating and protecting the environment

All of the fragrance bottles and cartridges provided are made of PET and PP therefore 100% recyclable.  Diffusers consist mainly of durable aluminium which is 100% recyclable. Diffusers are built to last and many are still in use after 10 years.

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