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Air conditioning for conservatories and garden rooms

Home air conditioning is becoming increasingly popular due to rising summer temperatures, but homeowners are also installing air conditioning in parts of their properties that are not connected to the heating system.

Conservatories, garden rooms, summerhouses and workshops are typically cold in the winter and baking in the summer. Air conditioning allows families to use these spaces all year round - cooling during summer and heating during winter - opening up all parts of the property for work and play.

Domestic air conditioning solutions are not only VAT FREE, they are very energy efficient and very flexible. It's possible to connect just one room or multiple rooms from a single outdoor unit, and you can run the air conditioning pipework into the garden to a garden room, summerhouse,  workroom or garage.

Today's air conditioning systems are also super-quiet so they won't disturb people in different rooms of the house or neighbours. Also, we only install air conditioning solutions made by leading manufacturers, ensuring that have energy ratings of A+++.  As a guide, for every kW of electricity used, you will get 4 to 5kW of heating.

In terms of styles and colours of indoor units, we offer a full range of wall and floor-mounted solutions that are suitable for the size of the room, and all pipework is discreetly hidden. The outdoor unit is usually installed next to the outside wall of the house where it will not cause any obstruction and where it can be accessed for servicing.

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