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Air conditioning Service and Repair

Service and repair

At Loop Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on always delivering air conditioning products and services that enhance work and home life. However, if things do go wrong, we’re always on hand to sort the situation quickly. Typically, air conditioning breaks down because it has not been serviced or maintained regularly, however, we can be relied upon to get things fixed very quickly.

All of our new installations will come with a manufacturer's warranty.  This give you peace of mind that during the warranty period (3 - 7 years depending on the installation) as you will be totally covered for parts and repair.  If your air conditioning is out of its warranty period, don't worry!  We can still quickly provide new parts and repair virtually every type of  system.

The most important thing to remember about air conditioning systems is that they are made up of mechanical parts, therefore like all machinery, it needs to be looked after.  Regular servicing and maintenance will ensure that your air conditioning system is safe, reliable and working to maximum efficiency (saving you money!).  

What does air conditioning service include?  Take a look at our blog to find out.

Our approach to servicing and repairing air conditioning systems

  • One stop shop - We repair the majority of manufacturers’ equipment including  Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi & Sanyo.
  • Speedy service - We will quickly identify and rectify the cause of breakdowns.
  • No waiting around - We’re well placed in the supply chain to swiftly procure spare parts for all repairs.
  • High standards - We maintain a full commitment to health and safety at all times and are registered with REFCOM

If you need to speak to us about servicing or the repair of an air conditioning system, please get in touch and we’ll quickly get the ball rolling. 

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